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03 Aug A long week-end between Sorrento and Phillip Island

You are on a Holiday in Australia and you’re wondering where to start ? It is understandable, Australia is huge and visit the whole country takes a lot of time… We decided to share with you, our experience in Australia starting with our stay between Sorrento and Phillip Island in South Melbourne.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, therefore a car is essential if you wish to visit the land of kangaroos thoroughly. From breathtaking landscapes to unique wildlife, you will find your happiness, we assure you !

We moved to Melbourne, the second largest city of Australia in order to discover this wonderful country. It was the first time for us. Months were quite intense in discovery and visits but then we got used to it.

Melbourne city, Australie

Our favourites spots in the city of Melbourne ♥

  • The Lagerfield bar in the Crown casino for a little madness in Australia
  • The Eureka Skydeck 88, a viewing Platform giving towards the city of Melbourne
  • San Churro Chocolate or Max brenner for a snack break
  • Brunetti for a pastry desire
  • Bourke Street, for some shopping !

Melbourne is awesome, but the surroundings are even better, to do so, we first visited Sorrento! A charming little town in South of Melbourne where relaxation is the watchword. Generally Australians go there for vacation, many of them have their secondary home (and we understand why aha!)

Sorrento, Victoria

Stroll through the village of Sorrento, swim alongside our dolphin friends and go on an expedition to explore the wonderful seabed of Victoria. And at the end of the day, head to The baths for a glass of wine with beach views…

Relaxation is over, let’s head to Phillip Island !

The Island is accessible through a bridge, and is known for its penguin parade, offering a wonderful show every night.

For those who love nature, there are forest hikes and for surf fans : you are in the right place !

Phillip Island, kangourou

We suggest you to do the Wildlife Park, where you will meet many animals who will walk besides you: wallabies, wombats, kangaroos, birds, Tasmanian devils. They will all be there and you will be able to feed and touch them.

And do not miss The Nobbies for the sunset : it’s just amazing, with a stunning setting, sparkling lights, you will not know where to look at !

The Nobbies, Victoria, Australie

So you’re tempted to see penguins waddling at dusk ? With friends of family, Australia have many surprises! Let you be seduces by the fascinating land with breathtaking landscapes…



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