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06 Jul Tasmania, the smallest state of Australia

Australian state located in the Southeast of the country and having the shape of an island. Tassie as the locals call it, is a paradise for nature lovers… Landscapes you will not see anywhere else ! Backpackers, adventurers or just visitors ? You are truly welcome to our land !

In few words…

Have you heard about Tasmania or not at all ? What if the legendary Errol Flynn was born in the city of Hobart in Tassie and our mentalist Simon Baker is also born there… A state that includes 334 other islands including the island of Tasmania, which is the 26th largest island in the world with 500 000 inhabitants. Now that you can visualize more what Tassie look like, you might want to make a stop there (aha!) so if you’re passing through the smallest state of Australia, do not hesitate to climb Mount Wellington in Hobart : a breathtaking view awaits you… And you won’t be disappointed !

Tasmanie : Australie


A bit of history…

Before being an island, Tasmania was conencted to Australia and then got separated after the rising water level. The first inhabitants of the state were Aboriginals until the arrival of british settlers. it was in 1803 that Van Diemen’s land (tasmania today) became a British colony.

Mount Wellington, Tasmanie : Australie


A “green” gem

A World Heritage of the UNESCO, Tasmania is as green as Ireland with a similar shape. With more than fifteen National parks to explore, you would need at least two weeks to completely see this green paradise. You will discover unique plant species and have the opportunity to make exceptional hikes and tours ! Do not forget your backpack…

Our favorite National Park ♥ : Freycinet National Park, in the Northeast of Hobart between white sand beaches and granite mountains 

Our favorite hike ♥ : Overland track, in the heart of the wild nature

Freycinet, Tasmanie : Australie


An exceptional wildlife

In contrast to what we find in France or elsewhere, Tasmania hides many surprises :

  • Thylacines, wild dogs that looks like wolves…
  • « Tasmanian Devils», famous marsupials ; if you see what Taz look like in the Looney tunes, you’ll see the animal
  • Wallabies, looking like small kangaroos
  • Wombats, comparable to small cubs
  • Monotremes, between hedgehogs and birds
  • Anura, between frogs and toads


So you’re conquered ? A journey in Tasmania between mysterious flora and amazing wildlife while enjoying an idyllic setting with white sandy beaches, tempted ? As a couple, family or friends, you will be surprised by this gem of Australia.


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