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The road book : your Australian Visa

The Australian tourist visa

A Visa is mandatory for everyone that wishes to go to Australia… but no worries, the procedure is quite simple.


Since October 2008, the visa application can be done online and is free. As a French, Belgian or Swiss, you can apply for an EVisitor, this visa is valid for 3 months for a business trip or tourism. It is suggested to apply for it at least two weeks before the departure.

However, if you want to stay up to 3 months in Australia, you will have to apply for a tourist visa valid for 12 months, for one or multiple entries (95€ approximately).

It is also suggested to have a 6-month-valid passport before its end of validity.


If you do not have the French, Belgian or Swiss nationality, please contact your embassy and they will let you know what visa you need in order to explore the land of kangaroos.



  • Visa type : touristic
  • Validity : 6 month befire expiration date
  • Cost : free/ payable
  • Mandatory passport


Are you ready to go ?