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The Road book : When to go ?

When to go ?

Go to Australia no matter the season, as the climate differs according to the area. Two climatic zones are distinguishable:


  • The tropical zone in the North

Including a humid season from November to April and a dry season (winter) from May to October.

  • The temperate zone in the South with four seasons

Summer, from December to February, a well-appreciated period in the South, but it’s really hot in the center. Temperatures can vary from 26 to 40°C.

Winter, from June to August, a period which is quite different from the French one, indeed the temperatures vary from 16 to 23°C.

Spring, from September to November and Autumn, from March to May are the more attractive period to visit, with its good climate.


You will be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches but also cultural sites, and all of these in a convenient weather, no matter the seasons. Indeed the Australian winter is quite different than a winter in France.



  • Optimal period : between November and February
  • Average temperature : between 25° and 35°


Are you ready to go ?