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27 Jun The 5 most astonishing national parks of Australia

To visit the whole Australia in one trip would be impossible, unless you want to stay several years… That’s why we have compiled a selection of the most amazing national parks of Australia.

Ayers Rock, the most famous rock in Australia

Voyage Australie : Ayers Rock

The Uluru-Kata Tjuta is a vast sandy national park lost in the middle of Australia. Your day will begin with a complete walking tour of Ayers Rock (or Uluru in aboriginal), a huge bright red monolith. The walk counts 10 kilometers and you’ll be able to admire all the textures and colors of this impressive rock mass. Discover also the many animals that inhabit the park : 178 species of birds including pink cockatoo, 74 kinds of reptiles as the Scincidae of the family of lizards, and even kangaroos ! Admire also the sunset over Uluru ; a veritable natural scenery which is breathtaking.

Price : 25$ per person for a 3-day available ticket


Port Campbell : Australian sheer cliffs

Voyage Australie : Hobart / Port Campbell

No you’re not in Étretat but in Australia, not far from melbourne. The national park of Port Campbell shelters the 12 Apostles, these strange rock needles you should not miss. To admire them, the beach of Loch Ard Gorge is the ideal spot ; spectacular view on limestone arches, some reach more than 70 meters high. To enjoy a different angle, you can climb 86 steps of the Gibson steps and cross the small ave to discover an amazing panorama.

Price : Free !


The mythical photo of Australia has to be taken in Kalbarri

Voyage Australie : Kalbarri

Looking like the Grand Canyon, more flat, Kalbarri National Park is amazing for its rock formation of stacked plates. Located in the North of Perth, this vast arid and dusty area offers numerous ” The Loop “, the most famous escapade 8 kilometers long, takes you to the natural rocky arch that perfectly frames the gorges of the Murchison River. Thanks to its stunning scenery that this place has simply become the preferred spot for photographers of the park.

Price : 11$ per car & per day

At 13 kilometers south lies the National Park of  Coastal Cliffs which has sublime coastal sceneries ; beautiful isolate beaches, excellent for surfing and whale watching. To get there, just follow the road along the coast from Kalbarri.


The Bay of fires ; one of the most beautiful Australian landscape

Voyage Australie : La Baie des Feux

Immediate landing on the North East Coast of Tasmania, to discover the National park Bay of Fires, one of the most beautiful landscape in Australia. An accessible park only walking ; with white sand beaches, red rocks and eucalyptus forests. if you explore this exceptional territory while hiking over 2 days ; you can camp in the desert dunes and sleep in ecological houses. You will end up your stay sailing on the calm waters of the Ansons river. Canoe available.

Price : 24$ per day & per car -12$ for pedestrians


The paradise on Earth is Australian

Voyage Australie : Whitsundays

Whitsundays National Park is composed of 74 islands along the Great Barrier Reef ; a heavenly setting of white sand beaches, palm trees and turquoise waters. The best way to discover this archipelago is aboard a catamaran or yacht. navigate from one island to Whitsundays island, the largest and best known of the islands, where lies the longest 7 kilometers beach. You can enjoy the snorkeling and fly over the Heart Reef aboard a seaplane.

In its big territory, Australia has no less than 500 national parks. Outdoor enthusiasts, this is a true game field that is offered ! Large areas and veritable movie sets you will really adore.

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